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Learn It. Live It. Love It.

I*m a girl with thug blood....

13 October
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Thats the truth.....hahaha

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megzi is my SSS (Sick Stupid Sluts)partner in crime, the best person in the world to help me when im lost and my best friend for life <3

i*m a tough bitch so fuck off....

got a problem with my nationality? i*m spanish 2!

yes i do!!

16 candles, anything pink, aol, astrology, bacardi silver, baseball, being a bitch, being ghetto, black and white pictures, books by zane, bubble baths, budlight, cadillac esclade, candles, candy, care bears, cartoons, colin farrell, coloring, comedy, computers, condoms, cookie monster, corona beer, dancing, daydreaming, diamonds, drawing, dreaming, driving, drop dead fred, dvds, eating, ecko red, elmo, eminem, evanesence, fashion, finding nemo, forever 21, frankie, french fries, g unit, gettin drunk, hawaii, hockey, honda accord, honda civic, horror movies, i730, invader zim, italian food, italy, j.lo, jack daniels, jadakiss, jenna jameson, jewelry, jokes, junk food, kinky stuff, laughing, lil flip, lilo and stitch, lingerie, lip gloss, listening to music, lloyd banks, lollipops, love, m & m's, madonna, magic, meg, milky ways, mistubishi eclipse, money, monkeys, movies, music, my man, nail biting, new york yankees, nextel, not giving a fuck, not wearing a bra, one hour photo, peanut butter, pearl jam, pepsi, photography, piercings, pina coladas, pink roses, pizza, playboy, psychology, puppies, r&b, rainbow brite, rainbows, rap music, reading, ren & stimpy, roadtrips, rugrats, scary movies, sea monkey's, serial killers, sesame street, sex, sex in cars, shopping, simple plan, sleeping, smirnoff, snickers, snow, softball, sopranos, spongebob squarepants, stars, strawberry shortcake, sum 41, sunsets, super heros, super nintendo, taco bell, tattoos, the color pink, the color red, the goonies, the pest, the wizard of oz, thongs, thoughts, thunderstorms, trouble, trucker hats, tv, walmart, weed, willy wonka, winnie the pooh, wishing, writing, yonkers, young buck